About Us

Our Mission

Battle Creek Academy is a team of educational professionals dedicated to providing quality Christian education and the transmission of our Adventist values and culture to students of our community. Our Academy is motivated by the positive values coming from a trust relationship with God, service to others, and cultivation of a desire to learn.

Our values are centered in Christ and reveal themselves as students grow into their potential, developing an effective ministry in the family, the church, and the community. We prize the principles of integrity, unconditional acceptance, stewardship, and fiscal stability, and we seek to offer a curriculum that challenges students to own their faith.

We serve our students, their families, the Adventist churches that sponsor us and the wider community in which we live. We serve by continuing a century-long tradition of providing Christ-centered education rich in the revelation of God’s grace, and by emphasizing the integrated development of the whole person. We seek to offer a safe campus with a nurturing staff that models Adventist beliefs.

We are intentional about developing servant-leaders who build the community and who are ambassadors for the Lord. We seek partnership with the homes and churches of our students in preparing young people for their eternal home