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A Heritage of Excellence

Battle Creek Academy

“True education is missionary training. Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary; we are called to the service of God and our fellow men; and to fit us for this service should be the object of our education. ”

- Ellen G. White

Our Values

As a school operating along with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we choose to value student’s spirituality while  providing quality academics, physical growth opportunities, and focusing on their walk with Christ.


Spiritual Growth

Each student has opportunity to grow both individually and with classmates. With Christ at the center of our curriculum, we ensure students are given a clear image of Christ through their teachers, activities, and studies.


Quality Academics

At Battle Creek Academy, we value our academics. Each student has the opportunity to be in a more personal-sized classroom where teachers truly care.


Physical Opportunities

We firmly believe that every student should have the opportunity to grow through physical activity. Our school provides multiple opportunities which allow students to bond and grow through sports, games, and exercise.