Subjects and Courses

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Religion I

This course explores the development, spiritual, and psychological concerns of teens through a study of the book of Genesis and the Life of Jesus.

English I

This course covers literary styles and literary terminology; creative writing and practice with the connection between standard norms of grammar and composition; reading for pleasure, comprehension and analysis.

Pre-Algebra/Algebra I

These courses is  a brief review of mathematical concepts and formulas. Basic properties of real numbers, equations and applications are studied along with graphing, relations and functions, systems of equations, inequalities, factoring, rational expressions, exponents, radicals and quadratic equations.

Earth Science

This course covers the composition, processes, atmosphere, oceans resources and environmental concerns of earth. It is designed to educate students regarding the earth around them and to help prepare them to be successful in other science course work.

Physical Science

A two-semester introductory course covering the basics of chemistry and physics. The course is designed to help prepare students to be successful in other science course work.

Religion II

This course uncovers God’s involvement in the development of His church in both Old and New Testament times. The history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is also.

English II

This course is designed to continue development of skills in various modes of composition, along with analytical reading and thinking. The second nine weeks is dedicated to the basics of formal speech including the following types: introduction, demonstration, persuasion, and the report. Appearance before an audience is required. Students will also study Biblical Literature and World Literature.


A two-semester course designed to introduce the student to logical reasoning. Points, lines, planes, angles, triangles, polygons, circles, are and volume are studied.

Algebra II

A course in high level mathematics covering real numbers, equations and inequalities, graphing, polynomials, factoring, analytic geometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequences and series, triangle trigonometry, trigonometric graphs, identities and applications, and matrices and determinants.


This course is a fundamental study in the chemical, structural and physiological diversity of life. This course will cover such a subjects as botany, zoology, entomology, genetics/heredity, and origins along with the study of life form the chemical design and heredity of ecosystems.

World History & Geography

This course examines the history of the world form early civilizations to the present. The emphasis of the course is Western civilization. Aspects and trends in cultural, religious, political and diplomatic history will be covered.

Religion III

This course places emphasis on developing healthy relationships, SDA doctrines, and a general study of the books of Romans, Daniel and Revelation.

English III

This course covers the study of American Literature; literary terminology, and figurative language; reasoning skills and inferential thinking; continued work with basic and creative essay writing.


An optional course designed to develop skills for the study of Calculus and topics in discrete mathematics. Topics include function analysis, analytic, analytic geometry and trigonometry, vectors, matrices, and an introduction to limits. It is strongly recommended for students planning careers requiring higher mathematical skills. Prerequisite: Algebra II


This course studies the chemical world from the atomic structure to the formation of macro molecules necessary to sustain life. Prerequisite: Algebra I & Biology. Must be taken with Algebra II.

U.S. History & Geography

This course covers American history from pre-colonial times to the present. Aspects of political, cultural, economic, religious, and diplomatic history will be examined.

Religion IV

This Seniors level course which assists students in exploring how their commitment to Christ can be applied through decision-making to such areas as personal spiritual growth, developing a personal worldview and philosophy of life, career development, perspectives on regions, and marriage and family. Study is from the books of Hebrews and John.

English IV

This is college preparatory class that includes advanced essay writing, research papers with MLA documentation, continuation of reasoning skills development, and study of 8th-20th century British Literature.


Calculus has been designed to give strong emphasis to the development of the concept of limit and its applications to the derivative and integral. Problem-solving and reasoning skills are strong components of this course. It is strongly recommended for students planning careers requiring higher mathematical skills. Prerequisite Pre-Calculus. 

College Prep Mathematics Review

This course is for Seniors who desire a review of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry in preparation for college mathematics placement tests and college entrance exams such as ACT and SAT. Test-taking skills will be emphasized.

Environmental Science/ Human Biology

This course includes one semester of Environmental Science and one semester of Human Biology. College credit can be obtained through Andrews University. AU establishes course outlines and tests. The Environmental Science portion will examine botany, ecology, microbiology and environmental issues. Extensive laboratory and field research is required. This course is designed for upper clansmen only with a minimum science GPA of 3.0 and approval of the instructor. * AU charges additional fees for registration and books.


This course studies the physics of motion, sound, light, energy, magnetism, electricity, and gravity. This upperclassman course requires competence utilizing and generalizing mathematical concepts previously learned in other mathematics courses. Prerequisite: Algebra I


This course studies the physics of motion , sounds, light, energy, magnetism, electricity, and gravity. This upperclassman course requires competence utilizing and generalizing mathematical concepts previously learned in other mathematics course. Prerequisite: Algebra I

Economics I & II

These courses introduces the students to the U.S. economic system, global economics, taxation, the role of the consumer, consumer ethics, banking using a checkbook, and financial planning. It will educate the students about how to be smart shopper, purchase technology products, clothing, transportation, food and health care. Students gain knowledge to help them make good decisions about things that affect their daily lives.


This Two Semester Course introduces the student to the basic concepts of accounting procedures. These skills could assist the student in personal financial record-keeping, simple business bookkeeping tasks or as the basis for more advanced study in accounting.


This course introduces students to stained glass, drawing, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.


This course is designed for the student to develop instrumental skills. All performances and travel are obligatory if accepted into the course.


This courses covers basic vocal productions. All performances and travel are obligatory if accepted into the course.

Computer Applications I & II

This course is designed to develop a students’ ability to solve real-world problems using a suite  of common productivity software. Topics covered are word processing and spreadsheet design.

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation is a survey of musical style of musical style periods, Renaissance through Popular. Representative composers and music from each period are listened to, discussed, and compared. It also explores the role of music in our lives.

Physical Education

A two- semester course designed to provide continual development of physical skills and personal fitness. Required for Freshmen & Sophomores; elective for Juniors & Seniors.

Spanish I & II

These courses emphasizes speaking, listening, reading and writing in Spanish with a general overview of Spanish grammar. (Spanish II prerequisite: Spanish I with a minimum of grade “C”, or consent of the instructor)

Digital Media Design

This course is designed to develop a students’ ability to and produce Digital Media. Students will be introduced to publishing, video production, photography and other methods of using digital media.

Technology Education

This course is designed to expose students to the various aspects of mechanical and electronic technology.


This two-semester course is designed for students desiring to participate in the production of the school’s web-based yearbook. Interest in photo-journalism, sales, bookkeeping and art is desirable. Students will be responsible to meet outside of normal class time.