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Battle Creek Academy Announces Principal’s List, Honor Roll Students (Semester 2, 2019-2020)


Battle Creek Academy is proud to announce our Principal’s List and Honor Roll students for the 2nd semester of the 2019-2020 school year. 

There were many challenges and new experiences for our community this last semester. Even through the unprecedented times of COVID-19, our high level of academic achievement was maintained. “I am very proud of our students, their parents and their teachers” said Battle Creek Academy Principal, Dr. Tevita Tameifuna.

The Principal’s List recognizes students who have achieved a 3.75-4.0 grade point average for the semester. The Honor Roll recognizes students who have earned a semester grade point average from 3.25-3.74.

Congratulations to each student on their outstanding academic achievements. We are looking forward to having each of you (except for the seniors) back in our classrooms this fall! Battle Creek Academy is also currently accepting new students. If you have an interested student or know of someone who would like to attend Battle Creek Academy, please contact us at

Principal's List

  • Elizabeth Bateman (Senior)
  • Paolo Ricci (Senior)
  • San Dim (Junior)
  • Andrew Stowell (Junior)
  • Isaiah Stein (Sophomore)
  • Esther Huai (Sophomore)
  • Sianpi Mung (8th Grade)
  • Khup Kim (8th Grade)
  • Esdras Gonzalez-Roca (8th Grade)
  • Olivia Keller (8th Grade)
  • Nurieliz Paulino-Pena (8th Grade)
  • Sung Don (7th Grade)
  • Khaipi Khai (7th Grade)
  • Katherina Grentz (7th Grade)
  • Lun Cing (7th Grade)
  • Aliyah Bateman (7th Grade)
  • Sofia Keller (6th Grade)
  • Aiden Peariso (4th Grade)
  • Mackenzie Ritzenthaler (4th Grade)
  • Tuangtuang Tuan (4th Grade)
  • Max Martz-Ritzenthaler (3rd Grade)

Honor Roll

  • Oriel Paulino-Pena (11th Grade)
  • Rose Ciin (9th Grade)
  • Ava Earl (9th Grade)
  • Ellie Costie (8th Grade)
  • Nuam Leng (8th Grade)
  • Nicholas Greene (7th Grade)
  • Liandeih Mang (7th Grade)
  • Zuriah McMillan (6th Grade)
  • Olivia High (4th Grade)
Percentage of BCA Students (3rd-12th) on Principal's List or Honor Roll
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