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Battle Creek Academy to Host Annual Fall Fest

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Fall is in the air! Here at Battle Creek Academy, the colors of autumn fill the sky and transform our campus, signaling the arrival of the highly anticipated fast approaching Fall Fest. Fall Fest is an annual event that allows the community to gather together and enjoy a good time. This event is run by the students at Battle Creek Academy and is available to people of all ages. After the final school bell rings on Friday, the gym is transformed by the classes for an unforgettable experience on Saturday night.

The classes set up their respective booths in an effort to raise funds for their class. These booths include fun, creative, and innovative ideas. From the Love Booth, which inspires heartfelt regards, to the Ping Pong challenge, which tests one’s ability for precision and accuracy. BCA’s Fall Fest includes something fun for everyone. Examples of other booths included are: Pie Throw, Car Smash, Face Painting, Food booths and more. Kids and adults of all ages are excited to play fun games, eat delicious food, and possibly even win some great prizes!

“I’m excited to see all the different booths and provide a fun event for the community and younger kids of our school.”

– Katherina Grentz (Grade 11)

Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 11, at 6 PM and prepare to enjoy a night filled with fun and memories. We hope you will come and enjoy Fall Fest with us!

(Article by: Nurieliz Paulino-Pena, Class of 2024)

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